Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Deer in the Headlights Saying It's Piece


I want to make clear my intentions in regards to writing this blog.

I see bunkers being built and bullets being bought. This is troubling. People are worried about what is going to happen in the future. But no one is really saying much about what is going on. (deer in the headlights)

I've spent thousands of hours doing research on numerous topics. I've frequently been told that I could write a book about my experiences. In this blog I am publishing what I want to say based on my research as a human being. Just as any person in this country is welcome to do, I am taking advantage of the free press platform of the internet to share this information. Writing this is not profit driven. I don't intend this as a political statement.

Also, I am not attacking any persons involved with the wind turbines or anyone in Mills County or beyond for that matter. This publication is for anyone and everyone past present and future.

I will be providing details as a way to express who I am and where I'm coming from. I hope it will help explain how someone who grew up in America with the same education as many others arrives at the point where they state the things I've said on the internet.

Make no mistake I don't think I'm great. I'm no perfect person. That is for certain. I've made many mistakes. I'll talk about a few. I'll let everyone else talk about the rest if they choose to do so.

I hope you'll bear with me if this jumps around a bit. There's a great deal of territory I wish to cover. Everything is related.

About Me

I'll start off by introducing myself. Some personal details about the who, what, when, where. My Schooling, Jobs, Experiences, Passions. I've no clue as to how else to describe my education, specialty, or who I am.

I was born in Two Rivers, WI and raised by a single mother. I graduated public high school by the skin of my teeth with a D grade. My relief at being done with school can't be overstated. My experience of school was that it made me feel degraded, humiliated, and disappointed. Please be aware that I don't hold this against the people working within the system. To be fair there were compassionate people who let me have space. There was open campus available and there were people who permitted me to take advantage of this so that I could go get a job. This is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make money! As a hyperactive kid it was right up my alley to do work like shoveling snow, delivering papers, mowing lawns. I was big kid and I used my body to make money. I wanted to make money for MOTORCYCLES. I'll get to that later.

In high school I worked as a mop boy at a hospital and old folks home. A good deal of my time was spent there and I appreciated hearing the stories of the people who lived there. I liked them. I liked knowing them.

After the hospital I worked as a service station attendant. I had a job at a fast food restaurant. I drove a tow truck. I was mechanic and tire changer. I was part owner of a Jet Ski rental business. I worked as a roofer, carpenter, welder, fabricator, electrician, plumber, and machinist. I had a job as a security guard, bouncer, and worked concert security. When I was 20 I bought a bar and operated it. I assisted a world champion fighter in training programs for the Milwaukee police department. I was a diesel mechanic, truck driver, and truck dispatcher. For many years I was a motorcycle mechanic. I was a race technichian for a team that won 2 World Championships and 5 National Championships with USA, European, & Asian manufactured bikes. I Partnered with a friend who is a World Champion racer I started a motorcycle race school and track day business. I performed motorcycle stunt shows.

In 1995 I taught myself to use a computer. I then learned to use computer animinated drawing programs. Modeling. Animation. Robotics. CNC.

I worked for a company that built a bolt on suspension system that won awards at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. I did work in vehicle dynamics engineering on SUVs, trucks, race cars, and hot rods. I worked with body composites creating unique designs.

In my 30s I started a Mechanical Contracting Company. It was a big show and a tremendous amount of work. I supervised the building of million pound machines, consisting of millions of moving parts, in 500,000 square foot warehouses. I traveled the country building robotic and automated equipment that could do things like load and unload trucks with almost no people involved.

While running the contracting business my wife and I also operated a restaurant inside an extravagent new motorcycle dealership just outside of Milwaukee, WI.

I started an Aftermarket Motorcycle parts business. I designed the 1500 diffrent production parts, produced them, and sold them all over the world via the internet. I customized motorcycles and they appeared in publications in the USA, France, Spain, Indonesia, & Germany.

(I'd like to make a statement relating to the motorcycle business and the streetfighter scene. I knew what was going to happen when moto bars were put on a street missile. I promoted riding these bikes on closed tracks for fast riding and crazy stuff. Some may think I am being a hyprocrite. But the kind of crazy stunt riding that I have seen in videos on the internet are crossing the line. I'm disappointed in the mentality of doing the extreme riding on crowded public roads. Engaging in this sort of thing and causing an accident that results in people being hurt is not worth it.)

I've been both an employee and an employer. An entrepreneur, business owner, and inventor. I have done a variety of things both for and not for money.


I've had a strong passion for motorcycles ever since I can remember. When I was little I dreamed of them constantly. I inserted cards into the spokes of my bicycle so it might sound like a motorcycle. To me, anyone who had a motorcycle was the coolest person in the world. It was my ultimate goal to have one of my own.

With paper route money I bought my first mini bike when I was 12. A friendly neighbor helped me fix it up. It lasted 3 days before it started on fire and burnt to the ground before my eyes. A neighbor put out the fire with a shovel and dirt.

From there it got crazy.

I worked my way up through other bikes. I wore them out. Busted foot pegs off. blew up many engines, Busted supsentions. I learned to figure out how to do stuff. I learned to fix my motorcycles with almost no tools. When I was a kid I took my first engine apart using a hammer. No garage. I would take motorcycles into the basement of mom's house.

When I was 14 I began racing motorcross. I started in the 250 cc class in district 16 of AMA. For my first race all I had was a helmet, gloves, unpadded coveralls, and work boots. I didn't do good but I finished and I learned that I loved racing. People are unaware that it is one of the most strenuous sports. It takes all your strength and all your endurance.

I continued participating in motorcrosss and at the end I was racing Open Class on suped up KX500s.

I did some racing on half mile dirt tracks.

I raced jet skis for a time and wore out 2 or 3 of those machines.

Ice – studded tires on frozen rivers up north.

Trail riding...dirt riding


I eventually got into racing superbikes. Riding mostly bikes that I built. Machines that weigh 350lbs with 200 horsepower with speeds up to 200mph. Capable of melting both tires after four laps. I raced Unlimited Superbike, Superbike, and GTO Endurance.

My best finish in Pro AMA competition was 6th and most other finishes were in the top 10.

In 1998 & 1999 I raced the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – I finished 5th in the 500 Pro Class in 1999.

I learned physics and engineering by the seat of my pants.

I would like to share my research on fighting. As a young man full of testosterone I was interested in martial arts. I wanted to learn about it not just for the skills in fighting but all aspects of self discipline, mental and physical control, strength, etc. I did not focus in training in one school but moved between many for over the course of a decade. I

At some point I decided I wanted to compete in kick boxing. I hired a guy to train me and I participated in a few tourneyments. In one cruiser class fight my opponent was a guy who outweighed me by about 50lbs. In the course of the match I landed a good kick and the guy went down. Immediately I was happy. Yes! I did it. However it took only a moment to see that this fellow was hurt and not getting up. It was then that I realized hurting people felt the same no matter the situation. Whether the "hurting" was done intentionally or by accident it was equally bad and I did not like it. That is when I came to the conclusion that fighting is a stupid contest. Even so, fighting was in my life. Owning a bar, working as a bouncer and in security I experienced it a lot. All that I've witnessed confirms that I am correct about the stupid contest.

I think this research if very vital to the current geopolitical situation we're in.

When I first began my internet research one of my goals was to fight the insurance company I thought was my main problem. Instead I discovered there were much bigger problems that seemed to need addressing.

One of the problems was how lacking my public school education was. It never included the works of people like Major General Smedley Butler. Nor did it mention Eisenhowers speech about the military industrial complex. I found this part of my experience troubling.

As an artist I use my art to express myself and one of my sculptures resembles me when i was learning this terrible stuff. I will post pics later......


This is a username I adopted in my writing and participation at various places on the internet.

As you've seen on the internet and my posts around here. People say outrageous things to you on the internet and with my experience with where I live some people went over the line with some personal family information and instead of being smart and not addressing this stuff I joined the stupid contest. And with all my rantings as DrNephlim666 and all his craziness my overall message has stayed the same. The DR part from what I'm told is put in front of peoples' names who are smarter. The Nephlim means giant and I'm big. And the 666 is my birth month/year. One of DrNephlim favorite things to say was "voices in my head laughing" (VIMHL) this came from the economist who said when people ask him why he does what he does the voices in his head tell him what to do and to that I said VIMHL. Another thing DrNephlim – party to the end and then eat thy neighbor its' the american way. And If you look at the situation from a world point of view when we consume so much of the world's resources and control so much of the world we need to realize the way we look at the evil bankers is the same way the rest of the world looks at us.

Introduction to Economics. The Economist

The company I worked in when I was building the suspension stuff was owned by a very successful Economist. In addition to the company under which I worked this man owned other businesses, one of which was building and racing supercars.

I worked for this man for years. Spent millions of his dollars. Traveled all over the country representing his company. But it took several years of employement before I met this man.

Finally my big moment came. I was chosen to travel to the base of operations in Florida....where the supercars were built. Did I mention he built and raced supercars? With all my might I wanted to be involved with these supercars and that racing world.

I was going to meet this guy and I wanted him to know how interested I was in what he had going on. I knew he was this big shot economist. The man had made his fortune in investing, banking, the stock market. He was obviously financially weathly. I didn't and don't blame him for taking advantage of this wealth. Who wouldn't? So I stumbled through his economic thesis a few times. I wanted to be more knowledgible about economics. The stuff I read was so full of acronyms and unfamiliar terminology that I had difficulty comprehending the subject fully. But I prepped myself as best I could.

So I met the man. He invited me to his ocean front house to have dinner with his family. After the meal I talked with him about business, cars, and my passion for motorcycles and racing. Here I was, a kid from nowhere, who drove junk cars most of my life so I could afford to pay for racing, invited to this man's house. A guy I greatly admired for his ideas, supercars, racing, etc.

I knew a little about the stock market but didn't really understand how the bond market worked. So during the course of our conversation I asked him if he could explain the bond market to me in a simple way. It was a double deer in the headlights moment. His answer went something like this (not quoted word for word but the basic message).

-The Investor Class are given by the government the opportunity for a sure return on the money they invest in government bonds. The government uses this mechanism to tie up the money so that they (the investors) do not spend the money and thereby overheat the economy.

My thought was– This sounds like people with money taking a bribe from the government to not smoke the economy.

My research shows the system should insure that powerful people can't control the economy and therefore entire nations with their money.

In the end the Economist and I parted ways. (No Hard Feelings) The company located in Wisconsin was closed. I went off basically unemployable with a broken back. It was at this point (knowing I could not gain employment with someone) that I started the Mechanical Contracting company (mentioned earlier) with which I went on to make over a million dollars while eating half a 55 gallon drum of legally prescribed Vicodin.

After I became unable to maintain the 16 hr days chasing around 10-100 people on multiple job sites. I decided that instead of watching TV and stupid stuff on the internet I would educate myself more about the world. Since then I've spent thousands of hours doing so. I have intensely researched too many things to list. But Macro economics is in there. Some of my knowledge was gained through participating in an online forum hosted by the Economist who I once worked for.

My Ideas on money.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

Overall I have found that the problems with the finanancial system are not as complicated as the mainstream media makes it seem. The media spreads a lot of fog and the media is another tool for manipulating the markets. The Economist says It's all just numbers on balance sheets.

Everything starts with the money. So many problems can be solved just by fixing the monetary system.

"Money that makes money just because it's money is like a bomb."

"Using shiny rocks for currency is out of the stone age."

"Our current Fiat Currency resembles a legalized ponzi scheme with whomever holds the reins as the profiteer."

Money should represent the people who use it and the sweat of their brow, their worth. The legalized ponzi scheme should be operated for the people ….no parasitic entities.

What do I mean by Parasitic Entities? I mean the corporations and their products. (Derivatives) I am not not talking about the human beings who work for the corporation.

My resesearch shows the people taking care of the balance sheets should be for humanity.

Take away their ability to CONTROL the market and let them wall street wolfs have some rule changes and change some numbers in their columns they will be fine.

You can't buy "nothing" and sell it. But this is currently going on for the Investor class. You should be out buying businesses and doing something real.

You might ask yourself how did it get like this?

If you look at the overall function of our government it is turning away from people to corporation oriented. This has been facilitated with legalized bribes called lobbying. We need no more bribes.

You must consider that this problem started way before anybody on this earth was alive today. The solution can't include throwing anyone into the fire. Clemency for truth. We have to face the elephants in the room and get to the truth and information. It is the only way to solve the problem. The books get audited and that information is public record. Goverment creates the money. Government lends the money directly to the people through government employed lending agents. But there is no private profitting. All the money the government collects in interest on loans given to human beings goes back to the government and is used for the good of all.

It really could be that simple.

My research into voting leads me to think that a secret ballot may be a fatal flaw. Secret ballots are not condusive to truth and honesty nor accountability. People say all the time that you can't trust the government. However the government over sees the voting.

In order to upgrade the voting system it would be necessary to have open and public ballots. In such a system every citizens vote would be counted. The votes could be audited. You would be able to look up your vote. Anyone could look up your vote. No secrets. No one should be ashamed or fear repercussions. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Your vote should be made from good knowledge. For that I will use an example of when I first moved to Mills County. It was a voting year ad the local contestants stopped in and visited with me and were friendly but I did not know how the county worked. I did not know the issues. I did not know so I didn't vote.

I should be the last one to talk about voting. I only voted twice and both times I made such a bad choice that I should probably got to hell for it. My only excuse is I wasn't informed enough.

I would consider voting if any candidates started talking about the things I've mentioned. Maybe recite the Consitituion and Bill of Rights every day when they go into session.

Right now the system is a runaway train. The President only gets to blow the horn.

Corporate Health Care System

Eliminating the parasites from the health care system could certainly aid a recovery to an efficient and effective service that exists first and foremost to help people be healthy and take care of Elders and the ill.

My research of the health care system is extensive.

Some of my experience relating to health care.

When I was 4 or 5 my mother began working as a nurses aid. When I was 7 she began nursing school. I often was with her when she did her homework. Many was the time I sat in the back of her classes and listened. Since then my loving mother, who I would never falt for anything, has worked as an emergency room nurse. She did this her entire life and I hardly ever saw her.

Moving on to later in life let me tell you about an experience that stands out. I think it gives a good indication of how things are going.

Lobbiests where I'm from were successful in getting "pain and suffering" removed from Workmans Compensation Insurance coverage. Sounds good...maybe?

What this actually did was allow the insurance company which owned my life because I was hurt on their watch, to lie to me, harrass me, and stalk me. I sat in courtrooms and watched judges and lawyers only laugh in response when I brought this up.

Now I know my case was unique and I never expected a golden parachute based on how much money I was making. But I also never expected they'd run us through the mill of horrors that they did.

I got referels from my doctor to clinics that wouldn't even let me in the door because of the work comp being such a mess. I was told at one hospital that it was against their policy to see anyone covered under work comp. Even with my own private health insurance they would not take me on.

If my pain medication is taken from me you may as well throw me into a fire. That is how much pain I have at times. My experiences with the corporate health care system threw me into this fire. It was truly one of the greatest nightmares of my life. To this day they hold my feet over this fire. Requiring me to jump through hoop after hoop. I feel hostage to this corporate health system and it is a source of anxiety for me wondering if I will be cut off from health care.

After being run dry while dealing with the system I went four years without seeing a doctor. After all the trouble I'd encountered trying to see a doctor, much less get medication or treatment, I refused to go to a doctor.

When my wife and I began applying stucco to the house we built I picked up my pace because I wanted to finish. This was a mistake and I over did it. One of my many problems is that the dural the sac that surrounds my spinal cord is in contact with scar tissue from the surgeries I've had. When I move my body it sometimes tears this sac and it leaks. When this happens I expeience more pain than I've ever felt...from anything that has ever happened to me. I was bed ridden for a month. My wife had to take care of me 90% of the time. With my instructions she built a homemade traction system to help relieve some of my pain. My neighbors loaned me a walker so I could get up and move myself around. At this time I had no prescription medication because I had no health insurance and little money not to mention that my trust in health care was badly damaged and I would not see a doctor. Instead I was bed and chair ridden for a month. My wife had to take care of me 90% of the time. With my instructions she built a homemade traction system to help relieve some of my pain. My neighbors loaned me a walker so I could get out of the chair and move myself around.

After dealing with episodes like this and realizing how quickly I was getting worse I finally gave up. I went to a doctor and he knew I was in trouble and he helped me.

I applied for social security. I wasn't ready to give up. But I was at the end of my eligibility. I was down. Almost broke. Nowhere near all of my goals met. So with a bad taste in my mouth from lawyers and judges, I decided that I'd represent myself. It was a long process but when I finally got to go before the judge I stated my case and supported it with the facts. I finally got through to someone. I made some progress.

Currently I am fortunate to have prescriptions for narcotic pain medication that I need to operate a few hours a day and sleep. I am happy that for the moment I seem to be getting worse slower. After having been through a wide variety of possible treatments I am left with no other choice for dealing with chronic pain.

The reason I was a building an aquaponic/hydroponic green house on my property was to grow food and I was also hoping that in the near future Texas would legalize medical marijuana. I knew I'd be able to grow this plant and manage my painful condition...perhaps even eliminating the need for harmful narcotic pain medication and maybe free myself from the corporate health care system.

Corporate Manufacturing
My wife had a job with a large manufacturing corporation. During the time she was there she experienced the following. Hundreds of employees were bussed from various factories to a beautiful, ornate auditorium center in the downtown. There were refreshments. A band played for everyone. Then executives in matching polo shirts got up on stage and made a sharp presentation about how no one need worry about losing their jobs. The company was a part of the community and it wouldn't be closing down their operations there. Less than two years later all factories were closed. Currently the rust belt is littered with not just the abandoned factories but years of toxic waste and no one even knows what all done to the environment where people live. (VIMHL)

Corporate Energy
Years ago I bought a real nice property directly on beautiful Lake Michigan. 400 feet of the property ran a long a wild beach that could be walked for miles in both directions. It was a beautiful property. The house was located near a nuclear power plant. Representatives from the nuclear plant corporation had shown the citizens how safe it was. They also showed how great it would be for the community. Residents' high property taxes were paid by the nuclear power plant each year and they received other perks. The corporation building the plant had made a deal with the landowners when they got permission to build the power plant next to this densely populated area.

When I was kid in school students were taken on field trips to the nuclear power plant. The students received lots of information about the facility, how it worked, and why it was safe and good for us.

Well, I lived next door to the nuclear power plant when word got out that it had leaked.

To date it has been shut down. The corporation that owns the plant now has 60 years before they by law have to clean it up/deal with the nuclear waste. Who can say how much of the truth of that situation.

Corporate Media

My research shows we should be cautious of what we are led to believe through media exposure. I have learned much that has assurred me the mainstream media is far from being a reliable source of information. If you scrutinize history you will come to the same conclusion as Napoleon when he said that history is written by the victors. The facts about events and issues change with whomever is controlling the information.

I'd like to tell you about some of my first hand experiences with the media.

The first was when I lived in Wisconsin. I and a friend were at a cafe and were approached by a journalist. At this time the existence of businesses with adult, exotic dancing entertainment was being hotly debated in the community. This journalist was writing a story about this debate and asked if we would share our opinions. I provided him a lengthy statement regarding what I thought on the matter. He took my statements and took a photograph of my friend and I. Later when the article was published my mother was shocked to see my picture in the paper alongside the statement that "Begotka frequents strip clubs". The reporter and paper did not publish any of what I had actually said. My Catholic mother prayed the rosery over that one and probably still does to this day.

Let me tell you about another of my experiences with the media. I lived in Crawford, TX during the Bush years. During this time I had the opportunity to speak to some journalists who were in abundance in Crawford at the time. The interactions I had with them was downright scary. (Deer in the headlights)

I am not advocating that the smaller, alternative media is any better. They do seem to cover more gritty details about what is occurring in our world. However strong sovereign people should do their own research before coming to conclusions based only on what media sources are reporting.


My research shows Quantum Physics, Spirituality, and Religion have so many similarities that it appears they are about the same thing. The famous double slit experiment proves the existence of the "unknown". There is more than what we perceive as the physical reality. So much speculation about the details but as a researcher I can only say I know or I don't know. I can't speak to something that is beyond my experience. I don't like to say I believe.

I know that beliefs are sensitive territory. I don't want to offend people. Being offended is of no use. But I am going to share a few things I've discovered. Most importantly how belief is used to control and manipulate large groups of people. 

Words are powerful symbols. Knowing the roots of words sheds new light on the meaning of words.

For instance:

Christ means one.
Satan means divided. 

What does this say about such ideas as Nationalism and Religion? My research shows that these and many other beliefs are divisive.

I'm not advocating throwing out your flags and books. This is just a simple thought experiment.

My research also shows that it was not always thou shalt not kill. Originally it was thou shalt defend thyself. If you were clever and you planned big changes such as taking peoples rights (guns) away what would you rather tell them.. Thou shalt not kill or thou shalt defend thyself?


In the past I've said much about things being hopeless. This is one of the side effects of my research. Really scrutinizing the situation has led me to information that has shown me things no one wants to see. Tough news no one wants to hear. But in reality I am not completely without hope.  
My first reason for hope:

How kind people in this area have been to me and my wife. After all that we have been through (only a portion of which I have shared here) when we moved to Mills County we wanted a simple and quiet life. We've kept to ourselves and have lived somewhat hermit style but it is not because we don't like the community. My experience in interacting with the community in Mills County shows me I have hope in people.

My second reason for hope:
This Economist who I've spoken of shares all this information he has for free. I know he directs considerable time and energy toward what he shares. And he hasn't sent anyone here to give me a Soprano style beat down for stuff I've said (JOKE).

A third reason for hope:
Finding a doctor who could help me and getting social security. Having a small income and being able to get medical services has been a huge relief and a game changer for my life. The system is capable of providing help to people who need it. Things just need adjusting so that doctors and do their work and people aren't made to suffer needlessly.

Arriving in Mills County – The Straw Bale House

After a year long search for the ideal location to build a new home and life I arrived by choice in Mills County. My wife was familiar with the area and had been impressed with the beauty of the landscape since childhood. She was so happy when we found the property we purchased. We immediately set out to build our dream. Over the course of six years we constructed our energy efficient straw bale house. We managed to build it spending around $20,000 for materials and pouring our labor and ingenuity into the project. We built this place for ourselves. There was little consideration for resale values or profiting off our work as this was to be our HOME. It is here that I wanted to live in peace, growing food, raising animals, and enjoying the area.
My intention in regard to the straw bale house I built in Mills County. If the wind turbines are coming to surround this area I intend to sell my property. I cannot remain. Some I have conversed with on the internet have indicated that part of my motivation for speaking out is so I can financially gain by selling my property. Of course I want a fair price for my property if I must sell it. But I am not after more than a fair price. Hypothetically speaking if I were offered more than $120,000 for my place I would definitely ask that money in excess of that be given to other people who are in the same boat as I....perhaps in the midst of the turbines in the south part of the county.
I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm willing to give free talks about building a straw bale house. I'm serious about giving these if enough people show an interest.
Part of this is also me saying hello and possibly goodbye to Mills County. I have appreciated living here. I like the area it reminds me of where I grew up. A small town where you can leave the keys in the car and your house unlocked. Where you recognize people. Where neighbors help one another. When we first moved here we only knew a handful of people. Within these few people there were those who brought us boxes of food and helped us in many other ways. People we crossed paths with were friendly, generous, and helpful.
Years before I moved to Mills County I was exposed to Corporate Wind Turbines. They have been a source of contention in my home state of Wisconsin. I would not have purchased property in Mills County had I known a commercial wind turbine project was going to be covering large swaths of the earth.
This windmill thing is filled with lack of oversight. They are spinning the wheels of big government, trying to make jobs and then feeding off of it before it even leaves DC.

In Conclusion

I've had many exchanges with people who point out to me that the wind turbines are good for the schools and your kids. I am distressed by this. What is going on is a lot more complicated than that. 
What I'm feeling now is a ridiculous sliver of what the third world has felt from the Corporate Industrial Revolution.

On the internet I've shared my ideas about what I've learned and I have been called a Communist. But that is not what I am about. I think we need Capitalism with a Heart.
Another label that's been thrown at me is "Conspiracy Theorist". Conspiracy's are definitely a real thing. But I don't agree with everything comes out of that camp. A message often arriving with conspiracy theories is that specific groups of people are to be blamed. That entire segments of humans should be punished. I disagree. To move forward we can't do more of the same. We have to forgive, learn, and move on.
Getting back to Quantum Physics which indicates we create our own reality. I tested this theory racing motorcycles head to head up mountains roosting rocks off the ragged edge...It is true. You have to want it worse than anything. Right now more than anything I want people to THINK.